KILLEEN, Texas — A teenager is facing a felony charge after confessing to making a bomb threat on a Killeen ISD school bus.

  • Threat written on sign-in sheet
  • 16-year-old student confessed
  • Terroristic threat charge

At around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, bus number 515 was traveling from Killeen High School to the Career Center. A 16-year-old boy on the bus wrote down a bomb threat on the student sign-in sheet.

Killeen police and KISD police investigated and searched students. Police arrested one student who confessed. He is charged with making a terroristic threat.

“These types of threats are serious crimes and we will always aggressively investigate and help prosecute any students who make such threats,” said KISD Career Center Principal Russell Porterfield in a phone call to parents.

No one was hurt and school continued as planned.