AUSTIN, Texas — Neighbors have their decorations set for this year's 37th street light show.

  • Third year after revival
  • Show runs through December 31
  • Parking is limited

The event first started in the 1980s but fell off after older residents started moving out. Robert Foster remembers visiting the light show as kid.

"I really loved it as a kid," Foster said. "It's one of those things that makes Austin, Austin."

When Foster moved to 37th street three years ago, he was hurt to find out the tradition he grew to love had ended. He quickly sprung into action to revive the event to create a tradition for a new generation.

"It was a good opportunity for our generation to kind of take over something that the previous generation had done and done so well," said Foster.

The lights will run through the end of the month. Residents there say the best week to visit is the week before Christmas. Parking is limited and the street is small, so dress warm and be prepared to walk.