AUSTIN, Texas — New numbers are shedding light on how expensive living in Austin really is.

  • “Cost to live comfortably” jumped the most
  • Austin median home price $310K to $325K
  • Home prices are stabilizing

A study looked at the 50 biggest cities in the country, and in one year, Austin's “cost to live comfortably” jumped more than any other.

The “live comfortably index” looks at how much money an Austinite needs to pay for housing, food, utilities, transportation, and healthcare — and still have a little spending money on the side.

There is some good news — experts say housing prices are stabilizing.

“We have seen the market starting to stabilize. So especially going into 2019 you’re going to see more of this stable market coming through. As in a median price on the homes according to Texas Real Estate Commission and our Austin board of realtors we’re looking at 310,000 to 325,000 as the median home price,” said Keller Williams Realtor Brittany Barrera.

The “cost to live comfortably” also jumped in other Texas cities. Arlington, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and El Paso also made the list.