TEXAS – The rain might be a welcome visitor to relieve the drought and keep lake levels up in Central Texas, but for one Texas staple it presents a problem around the holidays.

  • Rain hurts pecan harvest
  • Bastrop pecan store has less variety this year
  • More rain in the forecast

While it seems like rain would be a good thing for farms, pecan farmers said it hinders their holiday harvest.

The owner of Berdoll Pecans in Bastrop County, Jennifer Wammack, said while the supply is close to what they usually have every year, the quality is not.

The pecan store usually has around five varieties available around the holiday season, but because of the rains, some varieties are limited or unavailable.

Severe weather delays when the pecans can be picked, which causes them to sprout before they are harvested.

"The biggest problem, they sprout," said Wammack.

With more rain in the forecast, Wammack is keeping her eye on the skies hoping it won’t impact her crops.