AUSTIN, Texas – A mother is thanking firefighters for saving her son's life after she had to deliver her baby by herself, and he went into cardiac arrest.

  • Mother delivered her own baby 
  • Infant went into cardiac arrest
  • Firefighters save the infant's life

On May 15, Yazmeen Tuskan was home alone while her husband was out of town when she went into labor 12 weeks early. Five minutes after calling 911, Tuskan delivered her baby boy at home all by herself while she waited for EMS to arrive.

The two-pound baby fit in the palm of her hand as she went to the door to let firefighters inside. However, the clock was ticking as the baby had gone into cardiac arrest.

Firefighters Joshua Lewis, Alex Newman, Isaac Saldivar, and Austin Fire Department Specialist Tyler Nayor had to act quickly to save the newborn’s life. They began chest compressions using two fingers on the infant’s small chest.

The baby was then transported to Dell Children’s Medical Center where he was treated for four months. Now baby Leo is happy and healthy at 6 months old.

Along with his parents, on Thursday Leo visited the firefighters who saved his life. The crew said they couldn’t be happier that the family will be together for the holidays.