AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas child therapy providers have been facing financial dilemmas due to state cuts. Now a new report shows funding per child for the state's Early Childhood Intervention program has fallen nearly 15 percent since 2012.

  • Report shows funding per child for the state's ECI program has decreased
  • ECI serves 50,000 children

The ECI program serves 50,000 children under the age of three who have developmental issues including autism, speech delays and Down syndrome.

Since 2010, the state has gone from 58 providers in the program to 42.

“What we found statewide was a reduction of about 10 percent over the last number of years,” Stephanie Rubin, CEO of Texans Care for Children, said. “And this is at a time when the population of kids zero to three is growing in our state.”

Texans Care for Children issued the report and is urging lawmakers to increase ECI funding next session.

“Fortunately the Health and Human Services Commission has asked for $71 million new dollars for ECI,” Rubin said. “We think that’s a great ask and we hope legislators support it. Is it enough to really address the challenges? We don’t know.”

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