AUSTIN, Texas — For the first time since 2009, the Longhorns will play in the Big 12 championship game.

  • Texas will play Oklahoma in Arlington.
  • This is UT’s first Big 12 championship game since 2009
  • Title game is next Saturday

“I watch every game every Saturday, it’s always a good time watching Texas,” said UT Fan Dan Rathke.

It hasn’t always been good times for Texas fans in recent years. The Longhorns needed to beat Kansas on Friday to get in the Big 12 title game—for the first time in nearly a decade.

“We are the best fans in the world,” said UT alum Shane Rivette, “Because we are incredibly excited but we are wildly critical of our team. So there were nerves and excitement and passion—everybody was really alive for it being an 11 o’clock game.”

Even a late Jayhawks scare couldn’t spoil this Texas party, as the Longhorns pulled off a 24-17 win.

“Yeah it was a little nerve wracking, but hey, we’re going to the Big 12 Championship!” exclaimed Rathke.

The fans’ excitement was palpable. “Just seeing the progress of this team going forward and everything with Tom Hermann, I mean, shoot, even next year I’m thinking national championship, at least!” Rathke continued.

But first things first, the ‘Horns have to play in the Big 12 Championship.

“Good luck next week to the ‘Horns, and hook ‘em!” said Rivette.

The ‘Horns will play Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game next Saturday in Arlington.