TEXAS – A Driftwood neighborhood is reeling after a local woman died in a mobile home fire early Thursday morning.

  • Woman dies in house fire
  • Neighbor tried to help husband save his wife
  • Man suffered second-degree burns 

A neighbor said he woke up to the sounds of a cry for help at his door in the middle of the night, yelling “My house is burning, my wife is inside, I need help!"

Neighbor Angel Carreon rushed across the street to try and help save his neighbor's wife, who was stuck inside. They attempted to break the windows, but the fire was too big to re-enter the house and all they could do was wait for the fire department to arrive.

"My heart, watching the fire and everything, eating up everything, and Joyce. And the fire and everything. It was no good. Everybody watching is crying and everything, it was bad," said Carreon. 

When help arrived 30 minutes later, it was too late to save the woman. Emergency crews took the man to the hospital with second-degree burns. His wife was pronounced dead at the scene.

Locals described the woman, identified as Nelva Joyce Roberson, as energetic and a great wife. Her husband Dale Roberson is the former owner and reporter of the Dripping Springs News Dispatch.

Neighbors said he and his wife were a core part of the community.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire, but don't believe foul play was involved.