AUSTIN, Texas -- Facebook Marketplace is hosting a pop-up shop in East Austin featuring items made by locals artisans.

To promote the company's selling platform, Facebook hired local designer Claire Zinnecker to fully decorate a house, only with items found on Facebook Marketplace.

Zinnecker said the process was very personal, because she met the people behind each piece.

"It's sort of that method of storytelling, just to find an item and then you hear the story behind it,” she said. “So what was really fun about shopping at Facebook Marketplace, not only was I creating a story, but I was learning the stories of all the people who had owned the items before."

One local furniture maker said by selling items through Facebook Marketplace, she gets the reward of seeing her pieces come to life in people's homes.

"It's my favorite part. I love coming into this house and just seeing my different pieces, and as a standalone I have my own vision of what it would look like in a home but seeing how people incorporate it in their own way," Allison Launius a local furniture maker said.

All the proceeds will benefit the local nonprofit, Foundation Communities, which provides low-income families in Austin with housing, financial, and healthcare assistance.

The pop-up shop is at 1908 Garden Street and will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday.