AUSTIN, Texas — Hundreds of protesters gathered at Austin City Hall Thursday to show their support for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

They said they are worried about what Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ firing means for the investigation.

“I’m very concerned for my country, and I want the truth to come out, because we’re afraid of an authoritarian leaning,” Karan Shirk an organizer said. “We want that power to be limited. We think Bob Mueller will have some answers.”



 “We all know that what Trump fears the most is truth, the truth of what Mueller could reveal about Russian collusion to subvert our elections, about the Russian kompromat, about the money laundering, and obstruction of justice,” Rep. Lloyd Doggett said.

On Wednesday, Trump asked for Sessions’ resignation and then replaced him with Matthew Whitaker, his chief of staff. Activists want Whitaker to step aside.

“We want him to recuse himself coming in at this late date to make sure the integrity of the investigation stays and that we find out the truth. That’s all we want,” Shirk said.