AUSTIN, Texas — Recent rain brought flooding across Texas. Now that the sun is out, so are bees.

  • Bees are buzzing around Central Texas
  • Experts say its due to heavy rain
  • If you find a hive, call an expert to remove them

Keith Huddle, owner of Keith's Bee Service, says his company is taking up to eight calls a day, which is double its typical workload for this time of year.

"This secondary swarm of the season, where a lot more hives are starting to reproduce is creating a lot more phone calls due to people noticing them more," he said.

Huddle says the rain is to blame. Heavy rain is an indicator for bees that the wildflowers will sprout, and after it's dried up, they will come out to find their food and build a new hive.

"Finding food is going to be difficult because there aren't going to be as many flowers like in May when all the wildflowers are really, heavily producing nectar," he added. "They are checking out where hives used to be. They are checking out old dead hive locations."

This means you may experience a swarm trying to set up shop.

"If they are trying to make their presence known to you, they are trying to defend their hive," he said.

Huddle says the best thing to do is to leave them alone and call a professional if you do find them buzzing around.