TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas – The Lower Colorado River Authority will not open additional floodgates at the Mansfield Dam on Thursday.

There are currently four floodgates open at Lake Travis. Four more floodgates were expected to open on Thursday, but the LCRA tweeted around 10 a.m. they will not be opening more gates on October 18. However, they did say more gates could be opened over the next few days. 

Lake Travis levels reached 701 feet around 6:30 a.m. and continues to rise at .2 feet per hour. The LCRA began opening the floodgates at noon on October 16 amid severe weather and flooding.

The lake is expected to rise up to 705 Feet and 710 feet by Friday. If the lake rises to 710 feet hundreds of home will flood around Lake Travis at Graveyard Point with water covering the roofs.

Due to the dangerous conditions lakes Travis, Buchanan, Inks, LBJ, and Marble Falls remain closed.