TEXAS - Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton's delayed criminal fraud trial has become the focus of his Democratic opponent. Austin attorney Justin Nelson has been bringing up Paxton's felony charges every chance he gets.

Paxton was indicted in 2015 for securities fraud. He says he's innocent and claims it's a political witch hunt. But Nelson's now pushing a plan to fight corruption in Texas aimed at Paxton’s legal troubles.

"I intend to make sure that we are going to fight fraud and corruption wherever it exists and regardless of party," Nelson said. 

His plan would ban gifts from parties that have legal matters before the AG's office.  

“This is the loophole that my opponent, Mr. Paxton, has used to take literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, more than a million dollars in gifts to his legal defense fund that funds his defense for his indictment by a grand jury,” Nelson said.  

Nelson would also look to close what he called frequently abused “pre-existing relationship” and “blind trust” loopholes, and provide for a level of transparency surrounding state officeholders equal to or greater than federal standards.

Click the video link above to watch the full interview with Nelson.

We have reached out to Paxton’s campaign for an interview but have not heard back yet.