SAN ANTONIO – A stolen lizard named Dottie is back in her owner’s arms after she was discovered on a golf course nearly two months after she went missing.

  • Lizard stolen from owner's backyard
  • Found on golf course
  • Reunited with Army veteran

Brackenridge Golf Course staff spotted what they thought was a plastic toy on the greens, but turned out to be a giant tegu lizard. The employees named her Godzilla and contacted Animal Care Services.

After seeing media coverage of the lizard’s golf course adventure, a family member of Dottie’s owner contacted him. The owner said Dottie had been in his backyard sunning in late August when a thief broke the lock of her cage and stole her.

As soon as the owner and Dottie were reunited she immediately curled up in his arms. The owner is an Army veteran, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Animal Care Services is reminding owners to check their shelters, located at 4710 State Highway 151, for lost pets.