AUSTIN, Texas - Will Baker is the top senior basketball player in Austin right now and one of the top recruits in the county.

  • Will Baker is Austin's top senior basketball player
  • Baker began dabbling in filmmaking between AAU tournament games 
  • Baker conceives, shoots and edits film himself 

Colleges across the country have offered him scholarships, and he’ll soon decide between the likes of Texas, Stanford, and Georgetown. Baker does a lot off the court, too.

“I don’t think a lot of people know that I do more than just basketball. I think a lot of people think I’m just a basketball player,” Baker said. “It’s just as much a passion for me as basketball and something I enjoy just as much."

That passion is filmmaking. He first started messing around with making moves a few years ago during downtime between games at AAU tournaments. What started with shooting video on iPad and editing on iMovie has evolved into Baker owning his own video camera and editing software.

“I think of myself as a creator, whether that’s on the basketball court or behind the camera,” Baker said.

Baker enjoys coming up with ideas for movies, doing the actual filming and finishing the projects by editing the videos himself.

“That’s my way of rebooting, kind of getting away from what I’m worrying about or stressing about,” Baker said. “It’s kind of a way for me to just breathe.”