AUSTIN, Texas -- College basketball is facing a major shake-up pending a federal court case that began this week.

• Issue surrounds college basketball recruting
• Agents potentially offering players money

The University of Texas could be mentioned in the case after former player, Eric Davis Jr., was alleged to have taken money from an agent. Davis was suspended from the program back in the spring and eventually left UT after the season.

UT head basketball coach Shaka Smart addressed the problems facing college basketball a few months back.

"We have a long haul ahead of us, as a sport to figure out what the right thing to do is moving forward. There is no easy answer, there is no quick fix," said Smart.

While Smart worries about his program, high school coaches with players getting recruited are trying to help their guys avoid any potential trouble.

"College recruiting is a tough gig for sure, because they can recruit hard and still lose. Some of the things that concern me would be visits to the colleges where the parents are not involved. They’re young, they’re impressionable they watch the other kids on TV. There should be a representative of the program and parents during the whole process of the way," said Clint Baty, Lake Travis basketball coach.

Baty understands what high school kids deal with in recruiting; he has one of the top prospects in the state, senior D.J. Thorpe.

"I’ve always picked the brains of all my coaches and my parents, especially my dad, because he played all four years he knows all the ins and outs. He knows what i should look for and shouldn’t look for," said Thorpe.

D.J. is the son of former NBA great Otis Thorpe and recently ended his recruiting process by committing to Cal.