AUSTIN, Texas -- Even though the state's ban on texting and driving went into effect a year ago, many people still do it and the consequences can be disastrous.

One man is sharing his painful story in hopes of getting through to more drivers.

“As you can imagine [prom is] a happy day for the family, it’s a happy day for Elana and for our friends,” said Michael Myers.

Those memories are all that’s left.

“She had lots of passion, she cared about you, and she stood up for you,” he said.

It only took a second.

“Elana was coming home. In the afternoon that we were waiting for her we got a knock on the door. It was a state trooper who said Elana wasn’t coming home, she died,” he said.

Elana died in 2014. She was on the phone before losing control of her car.

 “She didn’t make it to being 19. She didn’t make it to graduation and she didn’t make it to do the things she wanted to do,” said Myers.

Her family now shares her story.

“It gives me an opportunity as well to prevent another tragedy,” he said

With the hope of having more nights to remember, and more people making it home.