AUSTIN, Texas -- Two years ago, former Longhorn football player and ex-Green Beret Nate Boyer asked Colin Kaepernick to kneel for the national anthem instead of sit. 

The sports world has never been the same. 

Tuesday at UT, Boyer joined another former athlete who's become a social voice. Equality in sports means a lot of things and it is a very meaningful topic these days.

“We saw that played out a few weeks ago at the US open and that rang so true to me as an athlete. It can be really difficult to be a woman as a professional athlete and feel the pressure not to express yourself,” said Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Muhammad understands inequality, as a women in sports and as a Muslim-American who competed in the Olympics wearing a hijab.

“Having people tell me, ‘No. My hijab was too tight, my skin was too dark, girls can’t do this.’ I never allowed other people to dictate my journey for me,” said Muhammad.

Nate Boyer is at the center of the racial debate in sports after his role with Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem.

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“I am disappointed at times the way the message is construed. At the same time that’s why I continue to encourage Colin to speak out more,” said Boyer.

The conversation continues especially after Nike based their new marketing campaign around Kaerpnick.

“Colin is a polarizing figure but a magnetic figure as well and I think they knew that or they wouldn’t have made him the face of the campaign. To think that football in the NFL is potentially becoming a  divisive topic of discussion is crazy but it’s a necessary conversation ,that’s how you move forward,” said Boyer.

Boyer’s moment with Kaepernick, along with many pivotal moments in sports history, are a part of the "Change the Game" display at the LBJ Library right now.