NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas -- A coffee shop in New Braunfels is bringing people together through a prayer wall. If you visit the Boba Tea and Java Haus, you're encouraged to leave a prayer request, take one, or both. 

"It's been amazing, very powerful to see that people come and pour their hearts out in this tiny little note and put it up there hoping that somebody will pick it up and pray for them," owner Nusha Bladinieres said.​

New Braunfels resident Melissa Hix-Walley asked for the community's prayers for her family after losing their daughter Danielle during delivery. She wrote down a request and pinned it to the wall.

Chloe Peterson was in town visiting from Canyon Lake and said something about the request spoke to her. She had lost her brother, and seeing Hix-Walley's request nearly made her cry.

"I thought about just leaving one but just something about it was just like 'I'll take one instead.' And it found me," Peterson said.

Peterson has held on to the prayer request since she first took it down off the wall.

"I truly believe that was Danielle shining her little soul through that piece of paper," Hix-Walley said. "This has been so powerful in the community. This prayer wall was such a great idea."

Peterson shared Hix-Walley's prayer request on social media, where hundreds of people commented they were also praying for her.

Bladinieres said that's the purpose of the prayer wall.

"You can pick it up, not knowing who it is and you can care enough to say, 'I'm going to pray for you. I don't know you, but I hope God heals your heart and helps you.'"