AUSTIN, Texas -- A local nonprofit offers a free monthly laundry service to homeless people.

The volunteers at Mission Accomplished take over Big Clean Laundromat in North Austin every fourth Saturday of the month. Their mission is Operation Clean Clothes, an effort to wash the clothes of people that can't do it themselves.

Mission Accomplished CEO Ebonie Trice started the program three years ago. She started the organization to provide opportunity to people in less fortunate situations.

"I'm able to help someone where they can't help themselves. It's not a hand out, it's a hand up,” said Trice.

The organization does more than their monthly laundry service. Programs include providing Thanksgiving dinners to families that can't afford them or writing Christmas cards and performing carols at halfway homes.

Their website lists four areas the nonprofit focuses on for improving people's lives: Family, training and skills, family and lifestyle.

"In this case it's the laundry. In another case it may be food, it may be employment, it may be housing," Trice said. "Whatever it is, we're here to bridge that gap."

To learn more about Mission Accomplished, visit their website