TEXAS -- As teachers, parents and school administrators evaluate their newest report card, groups opposed to the A-F school accountability system are organizing to fight it.

Since last year, more than 50 school districts have been working to create their own "community-based accountability" systems.

“We believe in a strong accountability system, but we ask this question: To whom should we be accountable and for what?’” said Texas Association of School Administrators Executive Director Kevin Brown.

Education advocates say the A-F system relies too heavily on standardized tests.

During a news conference Wednesday, Education Commissioner Mike Morath pushed back on that notion and called the new system the most balanced Texas has offered.

Still, Brown said a community-based system would better serve communities.

“Such systems look beyond high-stakes, multiple-choice tests to meaningful assessments that have value for students, parents, and teachers, as well as measures what each community deems important in promoting college and career readiness,” Brown said.

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