AUSTIN, Texas -- The fate of DACA recipients was back in court Wednesday. This time in Houston, where the state of Texas presented its case against the Obama-era program that shields young immigrants from deportation.

Texas and several other states say the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is unlawful and are asking a federal judge to halt it.

The hearing focused heavily on the judge's previous ruling that ended another Obama effort to expand protections for immigrants in the US illegally. If the Texas-based judge rules that DACA should end, it would create a conflict between legal rulings. That's because three other federal judges have ruled against the Trump administration's attempt to end DACA.

"If there was a conflict, legal scholars and experts don’t really know what would happen except that we know it will eventually have to resolved by the Supreme Court," Equal Justice Center Executive Director Bill Beardall said. "This might add pressure for the Supreme Court to step in sooner, but it means we would have months of confusion among these immigrant young people and our society as a whole. Employers will be in confusion."

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