AUSTIN, Texas -- Austin Cops for Charities and the Austin Police Association are trying to keep the community a little cooler this summer.

The summer months in Texas are life-threatening to those without access to air conditioning. So the organizations are delivering portable A/C units to some Austin residents in need.

They have distributed about 15 so far and have a total of 50 they will continue handing out. Joe Sanchez is a World War II Veteran with an A/C unit that no longer cools. His home on East 6th Street will now be a little more welcoming.

"I know that he spends most of his time outside the residence to catch some breeze and doesn't really go inside much just because it's so hot. So again this is something that the Austin Police Association and the Cops for Charities is doing to give back to the community," said Offc. Bino Cadenas, of the Austin Police Department.

Anyone that would like to assist with the effort or learn more can visit: