In the race for Texas Governor, the two major party candidates have garnered all the attention. But there will be another name on the ballot in November. Mark Tippetts is the Libertarian candidate. He's an attorney and former Lago Vista city councilman.

He knows it’s a long shot bid but he's got a social media campaign underway to try to edge himself into a gubernatorial debate -- if one happens at all.

"We have done all the work to get on the ballot," Tippetts said. "One would think that if you pass the legal requirements to be on the ballot, you’d be included in the debates."

Tippetts said Texas Libertarians have fielded a candidate in nearly every statewide race this election cycle and a party goal is to maintain ballot access.

"We have to grow the party," Tippetts said. "Part of the work is to grow the ideas, to grow the party, let Texans see an alternative to the right and the left."

Tippetts is running on a platform of free market sustainability, legalizing marijuana and opposition to Trump's border wall. Click the video link above to watch the full interview with Tippetts.