SAN MARCOS, Texas -- Residents of Iconic Village Apartments woke up to a nightmare early Friday morning as their apartment building was on fire.

The fire was responsible for seven injuries, five people missing and 200 residents displaced. Those people returned to their homes Saturday to salvage what's left. Meoshi Griffin was one of the residents lucky enough not to lose it all.

"My stuffs here but there's some people who don't have anything right now." Griffin said. "I just picked up my stuff. Let's not make a big deal out of it, let's just go."

Juan Gomez wasn't so lucky.

"I heard people shouting get out get out people screaming, I opened my door and I saw a significant amount of smoke," Gomez said. "That's when I picked up my cellphone and just ran away."

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His cell phone was all he could save. But despite losing most of his belongings, Gomez is staying positive.

"The community response has been fantastic," he said. "The American Red Cross, Texas State University, people from the neighboring buildings... They've definitely helped."

One of those neighbors is Adam Brown. He saw the fire from his apartment across the street. Since then, he's collected clothes, air mattresses, food... Just about anything someone would need.

"I didn't have any plans this weekend, so I might as well come out here and help me out, you know," Brown said. "We're humans, it's what we should do."

Brown is only a small part of a whole community lending a hand to neighbors in need. For up to date information on the Iconic Village and resources available, visit or call their apartment fire hotline at 512-754-2291.