TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas -- Construction continues at McNeil High School in Travis County despite the discovery of a cave just last week.

Workers hit the cave while doing some underground work. This is not the first one discovered on the property. There are nearly 20.

To continue construction, a workaround was engineered for a water line until an environmental team can go in and inspect the cave. The environmental team will also be looking for endangered species like the Bone Cave Harvestman that is found in other caves on the property.



Round Rock ISD said there was no opening to the cave until it was dug into, so it appears to be dry and likely not the home of endangered species. School officials won't know if there will be any future delays until the environmental team goes in and takes a look.

Just miles away in Williamson County, work on the Brushy Creek Cave will soon begin. The cave on Cambria Drive opened up in February and is about 200 feet long, sitting underneath nearby homes.

In May, Williamson County officials discussed their plan to close the cave. The cave will be filled with gravel and 18-inch layers of concrete and supportive wiring and then the road will be reconstructed.

Construction can begin as early as next week.