BASTROP COUNTY, Texas -- Bastrop Interfaith met with Bastrop County Sheriff Maurice Cook Thursday after raising concerns about a "zero-tolerance" traffic enforcement operation last month.

Last week, Bastrop Interfaith, a group made up of local churches, schools, and community health care clinics, held a press conference in Stony Point.

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The neighbors said they felt targeted after the traffic operation near their homes led to the arrest of 24 people, 13 of whom were taken away by ICE.

Bastrop Interfaith says those arrests ranged from DUI and speeding to minor traffic violations like not using a turn signal and broken tail lights.

During the meeting Thursday morning the group asked the sheriff's department to stop "zero-tolerance" traffic operations and to use discretion and issue citations for "minor" offenses.

They also asked for deputies to better vocalize the driver's rights.

"We know that he cannot instruct the deputies not to ask about citizenship and we were not asking that. We were asking that he instruct the deputies if they ask about citizenship, that they would also inform people that they have the right not to answer that question," said Edie Clark with Bastrop Interfaith.

The group says the sheriff did not agree with all of their requests, but did agree to continue to meet to improve law enforcement-community relations in Stony Point.

"The end goal is people are no longer afraid to call and report crimes. That will help stop things like robberies and speeding and things like that. [It] will be a positive thing, but there will have to be trust built first because at this point I don't think people do feel that," Clark said.