SAN ANTONIO – It is getting hard to see the floors of a San Antonio office where the calls keep coming in from people wanting to drop off supplies for immigrants.

An office full of clothing, food, toys and diapers is the result of 24 hours’ worth of donations pouring into Catholic Charities of San Antonio.

"It's amazing. The truck inside, outside and inside the building," said Antonio Fernandez, CEO of Catholic Charities of San Antonio.  

CEO Antonio Fernandez said the supplies all destined for the Rio Grande Valley of Texas on Thursday. Children and parents in South Texas once separated at the border are being reunited and now find themselves starting over in the U.S.

"They need shoe laces. They need pants. They need things we don't think about," Fernandez said.

In addition to the 3,000 pounds of food Catholic Charities is donating, they're also preparing to cook up 100 meals in one day.

The group already has experience helping families who are coming out of detention centers. Catholic Charities helped several families reunite in San Antonio on Wednesday.

"Catholic Charities is the agency that's doing this. After 3:30 in the morning last night, we were reunifying the parents with the children and today as well," said Fernandez. "You cry. You see parents who haven't seen their children in six months or five months. It's sad, but then you see the happiness in the kids. This is how it's supposed to be."

The goal now is to help those who can't make it here.

"I figured I'd come out here and donate what I can. Any little bit helps," said Audrey Grant, who made a donation Wednesday and hopes the children will feel the love. 

"Any child, any child, especially if you're helpless and can't help yourself. Us as adults we have to do something and make sure they're ok," Grant said.