SAN ANTONIO – A 3-year-old child has been shot and is currently being treated in the hospital after a shooting on the Northwest Side Wednesday morning.

According to police, around 8 a.m. they were called to the 7100 block of Loop 1604 for a shooting at a mobile home park. The mother told police while she was asleep in her bed, the boy grabbed a gun that was in a holster attached to the bed frame and accidently shot himself.

She said the gun belongs to her boyfriend who had left for work earlier in the morning. The boy sustained a gunshot wound to the stomach. EMS transported the child to University Hospital, where he was last listed in critical condition.

Police are urging gun owners to take precautions to store guns safely away from children.

"I'm a perfect example, I have a three year old and I have guns in my home. I just have them out of reach from my three year old and at the same time I tend to have them locked up or secured where young children can't reach them,” said Carlos Ortiz, of the San Antonio Police Department.

The home is still an active investigation.