AUSTIN, Texas — The Fourth of July has come and gone but hundreds of pets remain unclaimed at the Austin Animal Center. That's a problem because the shelter is already full.

The shelter brought in an additional 325 dogs and cats since July 4. Animal Center Spokeswoman Jennifer Olohan said they've had to put up pop up crates in offices, meeting rooms and hallways to accommodate all the extra pets. Aside from Independence Day activities, storms also contributed to the influx.

While many were microchipped, some did not have their owner's latest information making it difficult for the shelter to locate them.

All missing pets are taken to AAC. Now that it’s over capacity, they need your help if you find someone else's pet.

"If someone does find an animal, since we're so full, we'd love for people to hold on to the animal," Olohan said. "They can give us a call. We'll create a found report for them and we can give them supplies to care for the animal too."

To find your missing pet, check the Austin Animal Center's website.