AUSTIN, Texas — The Travis County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday announced an arrest has been made in connection to the slaying of Theodore Shaughnessy.

In a press conference Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez said they arrested 21-year-old Johnny Roman Leon in College Station. Leon is charged with criminal solicitation of capital murder. 

The arrest came after a confidential informant told detectives on May 29 that Nicolas Shaughnessy had approached them about killing his parents. He said expected to get around $8,000,000 following the death of his parents. Shaughnessy said that he would pay the informant $10,000 per month for killing his parents.

On June 13, authorities met with another informant, who said Shaughnessy traveled to Austin on Feb. 28 to kill his parents himself. The informant said Shaughnessy turned off his home security cameras before leaving College Station for Austin, and then turned them back on upon returning to College Station. The informant stated that Shaughnessy did not go through with killing his parents. 

In May, the Travis County Sheriff's Office arrested Nicolas Patrick Shaughnessy, 19, of College Station, and Jaclyn Alexa Edison, 19, on solicitation to commit capital murder. The two are accused of hiring someone to kill Theodore and Corey Shaughnessy.

On Friday, March 2, 2018, Corey Shaughnessy called 911 and reported that an intruder had entered her home and that multiple shots had been fired. When deputies arrived on scene they discovered the body of Theodore Shaughnessy with multiple gunshot wounds.

Leon is believed to have worked with Nicolas Shaughnessy in the planning and execution of incident on March 2 that left Theodore dead. 

Theodore Shaughnessy was the owner of Gallerie Jewelers in central Austin, which opened in 1995.

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