An official with Health and Human Services said Wednesday that the more than 2300 children currently separated from their parents will not immediately be reunited with their families.

Some of them are being housed in Tornillo, Texas, near El Paso. Rep. Mary Gonzalez, D-Clint, represents the area and recently got inside the Tornillo shelter for migrant children.

She said the tents went up in 24 hours and within that time, one hundred kids were being housed in the facility.

“We saw tents for kids. Twenty kids per tent. Beds. Thank God air conditioned,” Gonzalez said. “Twenty-four hour medical team, fire trucks and even the facility had to haul water because what people don't know about Tornillo is it's one of the poorest communities in the state of Texas. Arsenic has been in the water in this community for decades so they have to bring in clean water for the kids there.”

Gonzalez said the facility currently has about 400 kids but it could expand to 4000. She predicted families will soon be housed there.

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