NATIONWIDE – Members of Facebook groups could have to pay for subscriptions in the future after an announcement was made by the company on Wednesday.

Facebook is piloting the changes that the company claims would benefit group administrators. According to a blog post, Facebook group administrators are looking for ways to monetize the content that they share with members.

The pilot program is currently undergoing testing with a few groups to share their input about the implementation of paid subscriptions.

An example the company gave was Facebook group leader Sarah Mueller, who wanted to find a way to make money while helping communities clear out clutter. Testing out the paid group, Mueller said she was able to provide members with specific projects and tutorials.

“With the new Organize My Home subscription group, I will be able to provide this new community with more interactive ways to having an organized home like mini-projects, group challenges, trainings and live Q&A, while still keeping the original group as a robust community for getting free advice and motivation,” Mueller said. 

It is unclear if the subscriptions would roll out for existing groups or if administrators would have to create new groups. A couple of the groups currently undergoing testing include a college affordability group for parents and a meal planning group.

Facebook has not said how much paid group subscriptions would cost or when the changes will go into effect.