AUSTIN, Texas – The family of a fallen police officer is suing a funeral home and a transportation company, claiming they were responsible for his death.

Officer Amir Abdul-Khaliq was killed in September 2016 when he was hit during a funeral procession in North Austin. Abdul-Khaliq was hit by a driver who was given the okay to proceed in front of the procession.

The family’s lawyer, Mo Aziz, alleges that the funeral home’s team member did not warn the driver or Abdul-Khlaiq that their paths were about to cross.

According to the lawsuit, Austin Peel and Son Funeral Home, Inc. did not properly train its staff how to handle funeral processions safely. The family also claims the route planned for the procession was negligent.

Abdul-Khaliq’s family said if precautions had been made by the funeral home, or Round Rock Motorcycle Escots, that the officer would still be alive.

“Officer Abdul-Khaliq devoted his career to the City of Austin and was a loving father and son. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of others he lost his life,” said Aziz. 

Charges against the driver who hit Abdul-Khaliq, Ana Prado, were dropped by the Travis County District Attorney’s Office in November 2016. Prado was driving with a suspended license and is believed to have made an illegal turn before the crash.