AUSTIN, Texas – After two years with a temporary title, Brian Manley has finally been named the city's top cop.

With City Manager Spencer Cronk's approval, the Austin City Council named Manley the permanent police chief on Thursday. The council voted unanimously with 11 to 0 in favor of Manley's appointment. 

Chief Manley received a lot of community support after his quick response to the Austin bombings.

Manley has been with the Austin police department for 30 years and was tapped to take the lead temporarily after former Police Chief Art Acevedo left for Houston.

As a part of Manley's appointment as chief, he agreed to improve APD in at least five ways, which includes reducing violent confrontations between mentally ill citizens and police.

Austin City Council Member Delia Garza was one of the first to call for Manley’s permanent appointment. Garza said while the community watched the news about the bombings from home, law enforcement ran towards the explosions to return safety to the city. 

Manley will be the first chief in the past 40 years who has risen through APD's ranks.