TEXAS – Donating blood for World Blood Donor Day could do more than save a life.

Donors could win a VIP pass to see Willie Nelson at his July 4 picnic by donating to We Are Blood in Austin.

The blood bank said anyone who donates between June 11 and June 20 will be entered into the give-away.  

According to We Are Blood, making an appointment online or over the phone is the best way to ensure that they have a bed reserved for donors.

We Are Blood’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Marian Garrard said due to multiple traumas in the last few weeks, the blood bank is in desperate need of O-negative blood.

“We need to see about 40 O-negative donors each day to help us keep up with local need, but yesterday, for example, we only saw two O-negative donors,” Garrad said. 

Facts About Donating Blood

  • Someone needs a blood transfusion every two seconds
  • One out of 10 patients entering a hospital will need blood
  • Over 500 people need to donate every day to meet the daily needs of hospitals