GALVESTON, Texas — A Southeast Texas hospital treating six Guatemalan children severely burned when a volcano erupted last week says four of the children are in critical condition and two others are in good condition.

The six were flown by military plane to Shriners Hospital of Galveston on June 7, four days after the Volcano of Fire eruption. The hospital's chief of staff, Dr. Steven Wolf, says the children face months and possibly years of recovery.

The Houston Chronicle reports hospital officials have declined to identify the children, no older than 16, or the nature of their injuries. When the children arrived, officials said they were taken to the pediatric intensive care unit for treatment of life-threatening burns.

"I was able to spend some time with a couple of the families this morning and of course they're very very grateful and happy for our help. We will not only be focusing on the children. Of course, we're mostly focused on the children, but we want to put - we also focus on the families so the children are going to go back to a supportive environment," said Dr. Stephen Wolf with the Shiners Hospital.

The eruption has killed at least 110 people and left about another 200 missing.

A group of Texans headed to Guatemala to help with relief efforts in some of the area’s poorest communities.