AUSTIN, Texas — On Thursday, the world observes World Blood Donor Day, a day to educate on the importance of donating as well as celebrating donors and those saved by donations.

The best way to “celebrate" is to...well...give blood!

Facts About Donating Blood

  • Someone needs a blood transfusion every 2 seconds
  • 1 out of 10 patients entering a hospital will need blood
  • Over 500 people need to donate every to to meet the daily needs of hospitals

Where can I give?

We Are Blood: 4300 N Lamar Blvd, Austin. 512-206-1266.

The sole provider of blood to Central Texas hospitals and medical facilities, the agency is critically low on its O negative blood supply and has issued an urgent call for blood donors at their three Austin area locations or multiple mobile drives. People with O negative blood have red blood cells that can be transfused to individuals with any blood type, thus making this type a vital source of life-saving transfusions during medical emergencies.

“Over the last few weeks, due to multiple traumas, the demand for O negative blood has been much higher than the amount being donated. We need to see about 40 O negative donors each day to help us keep up with local need, but yesterday, for example, we only saw two O-Negative donors. We need our community’s help to make sure this precious shared resource is always stocked and readily available so we can help serve our friends, family members, and coworkers when they need us the most. If you have O Negative blood, please donate as soon as possible. If you know someone who has O Negative blood, please encourage them to donate, too,” said We Are Blood’s executive vice president and chief operating officer Marian Garrard.

According to We Are Blood, making an appointment online or over the phone is the best way to ensure we have a bed reserved for you, get you in and out quickly, and back to enjoying your day.

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center: 6211 IH-10 West at First Park Ten, San Antonio. Other locations around town/hours here. 210-731-5555.

Right now, STBTC in partnership with Whataburger is thanking blood donors for donations with a coupon for a free Whataburger with the purchase of a medium fry and medium drink through July, Blood donors will be entered to win one of four grand prizes of Whataburger for a Year!

If you wish to donate, you must present identification. Donors under the age of 16 must have a signed parental consent form and weigh at least 120 pounds. Anyone over the age of 17 may donate and must be in general good health and weigh at least 110 pounds. Appointments to donate can be made in advance to save time. All donors are encouraged to eat well and adequately hydrate before and after donation. Refreshments and snacks are provided to donors. In addition, all donors receive a wellness check. Learn more about blood donations at