AUSTIN, Texas --  The Senate Committee on Violence in Schools and School Security heard testimony for experts from across the state Monday at the Capitol.

These public hearings are in response to Gov. Gregg Abbott's 40-page plan released recently to stop violence in Texas schools.

"There is not just one solution. The metal detector as he's kind of laid out is not the end all," said Sen. Larry Taylor, the chairman of the committee.

Senators discussed the limitations to school infrastructure and offered solutions like limiting access points on school campuses, metal detectors, emergency alarm systems, and monitoring cameras.​

"It's a challenge, a very big challenge," said Christopher Huckabee.

Huckabee is an architect from Fort Worth, who builds schools with safety in mind.

"We've worked with our clients to bring in the community, law enforcement's first-responders and asked them to help us find a solution that's best for them," he said.

The schools could cost millions of dollars to build, but some senators recognize the solution doesn't just come from the building

"If we don't detect and have a place for them to be referred to and get meaningful help, we will end up still having tragedies," Sen. John Whitmire.

Chief Joe Curiel heads the San Antonio ISD Police Department and noticed the need for mental health services at his district, especially for students who are detained for mental health reasons.

"I think it will redirect that person and help them in the long run and not just immediately right there and have them come back to school in three weeks," said Curiel.

Curiel and other school law enforcement went back and forth with Senators for several hours, talking about addressing mental health and the pros and cons of arming teachers.

The public hearings will continue at the Capitol Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.