AUSTIN, Texas -- A handful of talented teens debuted a massive mural in East Austin on Monday.

The mural features bright colors and unique designs, but it’s the artwork’s message that is really important to the artists.

“I think what is so great about this mural is that it normalizes diversity, and that’s what is so special about it,” artist Mia Crockett said. “We bring in all these different forms of people and all these different forms of beauty.”

The mural is 240 feet long and was designed by the Color Squad, a public arts organization made up of teenagers and associated with Creative Action, a nonprofit, arts-based youth development organization.

The young artists partnered with Girl Forward, an Austin-based group dedicated to empowering refugee girls from all over the world.  

“You’ll see the symbols reflect a lot of multiculturalism, international solidarity and love,” said Alberto Mejia with Creative Action.

The Color Squad obtained permission from the Austin Public Works Department to paint the extravagant mural. But before they could get started, the teens had to collect signatures from neighbors who were pleased with their artistic vision.

 “I hope that the neighbors around this area just take into consideration the beautifulness of Earth, and to be specific, Austin,” artist Tre’Neal Williams said.

Neighbor reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

“They feel good about Austin being an inclusive place. And maybe they actually think about their role in making that,” Mejia said. “That’s the ideal, is that when they see this beautiful, sort of beloved community depicted on this mural, that they do something active in their own lives.”

You can find the mural at Lott Pockett Park, along Catalpa Street.