AUSTIN, Texas — For U.S. House District 31 Democratic Candidates MJ Hegar and Dr. Christine Eady Mann, every second of their campaigns count.

As the contest for the Democratic nomination heads to a runoff, Hegar's keeping her eye on the ball, and her campaign on-message.

"I think that I am uniquely qualified to not only be a successful candidate in November, I match this district very well," she said.  

Hegar is a Central Texas native who served three tours in Afghanistan in the Air National Guard. After fighting in combat, Hegar lobbied in Washington for women in the military.

"So many people in my district are veterans and friends and family of veterans, I understand the importance of things like the State Department and our allies and national security," she said.   

Meanwhile, Hegar's Democratic challenger Mann wants to bring her medical know-how to the Nation's Capital.

"Putting a doctor in the House, that's going to appeal to a lot of voters in November," she said.

Mann is a family physician from Cedar Park who's had past experience with progressive political groups. She said Congress needs more people like her who have scientific backgrounds.

"I've worked for candidates in the past, I've studied policy, this is not new for me. And I am fired up and I'm ready to go," she said.  

Republican Congressman John Carter has held the position since 2003, but the two candidates are hoping the Democratic momentum in 2018 could lead one of them to victory.

The runoff election is set for May 22. Stick with Spectrum News for all Decision 2018 coverage.