SAN ANTONIO — There have been new developments in the case of bobcat kittens taken in as pets.

One of the individuals involved is facing a misdemeanor charge for reportedly lying to an animal care officer.

According to Animal Care Services, the person who turned the bobcats in gave false information. Originally the person claimed the two young bobcats were found in an alley. It later came to light that they were discovered in Atascosa County and brought to San Antonio.

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Officials said people should never try to domesticate wild animals.

“You know, when you’re talking about primates, big cats, coyotes, wolves, things like that – they will never be completely be domesticated,” Shannon Sims with Animal Care Services Assistant Director said. “There’s definitely a chance of injury and it’s just not good for the animal. That’s not the way they’re wired to live a domesticated life.”

The Bobcats are at Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. Texas Parks and Wildlife is investigating the situation.