AUSTIN, Texas — City Watershed authorities are investigating several Austin homes sitting close to Shoal Creek that are at risk of another potential slide after the inital damage caused by Friday's storm. 

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Heavy rains caused a "slope failure" next to Shoal Creek near 24th Street, damaging several hundred feet of the Shoal Creek hike-and-bike trail and putting multiple homes at risk. These homes' sewer lines were also knocked out. The city is rerouting their service across the creek until the broken sewer line can be replaced.

On Monday, the city used a drone to get aerial video of the slope to get a better look at the damage. "It looks like California, like when you are used to seeing the footage on the nightly news where you'll see a bunch of houses and then a big landslide with nothing growing on there," Mike Kelly, P.E. of the Austin Watershed Protection Department said.

Engineers are surveying the area now, and there is still concern about debris clogging the creek and the possibility of another landslide.

A master plan for the 10-mile stretch is expected in the coming weeks. Existing repairs are expected to take several months.