SAN MARCOS, Texas -- The Texas State University student government decided to impeach President Connor Clegg.

The previous attempt to conduct the impeachment trial on April 11 did not proceed because a quorum was not established. The ongoing effort to impeach Clegg began when students called into question his racially-charged Instagram posts.

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Students took their case to the student government Supreme Court, which decided last month not to impeach Clegg. Monday night's decision followed a more-than-48 hour sit-in demonstration at the LBJ student center last week by protesters in favor of Clegg's impeachment.

Clegg now has the option of appealing the decision to Dean of Students Margarita Arellano, then Vice President of Student Affairs Joanne Smith, and finally Texas State President Denise Trauth, in that order.

Clegg has three business days to file each subsequent appeal.