SAN ANTONIO – Researchers at the Southwest National Primate Research Center are now revealing how four baboons escaped the Westside San Antonio facility on Saturday.

The primates were rounded up pretty quickly before they were injured, or came in direct contact with humans.

As far as the daring escape is concerned, the weekend situation is a classic case of monkey-see, monkey-do.

Video captured on West Military Drive in broad daylight shows two primate handlers jump out of the back of a truck and begin to chase the loose baboons.

The Great Escape

Researchers said the four primates were smart enough to roll a barrel close to the fence of their enclosure. They then stood on the barrel and jumped on top of it.

One of the baboons led the escape over the fence and the rest followed.

"This is a very simple fix. We just removed the barrels. And we will not replace them with anything that could be used in the future," said Researcher John C. Bernal, D.V.M.

The Research Center has more than 2,000 primates for biomedical research.

The four escapees were uninjured. They will be under observation for four or five days before returning to their naturalistic environment corral.