AUSTIN, Texas — Volunteers from the Cedric Benson Foundation and the Roman Lopez Real Estate team got together to make repairs on the house that belonged to the first Austin bombing victim.

Early last month, 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House died after opening a package bomb on his front porch. The bomb didn't just claim the man's life, but also caused significant damage to the home.

The volunteers replaced the front door, made repairs to the foundation and drywall that were damaged by the shrapnel, and also mowed the lawn.

"For a widow and a young child to be living at home, and just the idea of living with that and seeing that as a daily reminder, we were just happy to be able to come together and erase that so they can move on," Neela Beddoe with Roman Lopez Real Estate said.

The Roman Lopez Real Estate team decided to help because House was a former client, and wanted to do something more impactful than simply donating money online.