AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Texas Police Department arrested a man accused of making multiple threatening calls to campus police.

Sean Evan Haddon of Crosby, Texas was arrested Sunday, April 15 on charges of terroristic threat, a third-degree felony.

  • Suspect arrested for terroristic threat
  • Police say he called UTPD April 7 claiming to have placed a bomb at police headquarters
  • Called again April 12 threatened to shoot dispatcher
  • Called UT HR Services center April 13, said he wanted to shoot “at least 200 people”
  • Was located in Crosby, Texas near Houston, deemed not immediate threat.

According to police, on April 7, a call came into the UTPD 911 Communications Center from a person claiming they put a pipe bomb in the lobby of the police department. The caller demanded a payment in bitcoin and the dispatchers participate in sexual acts or he would blow up the building.

The call was disconnected, but minutes later another call came in from what sounded like the previous caller. The person once again threatened to blow up the building and told a UTPD officer to evacuate.

Officers searched the lobby and the exterior of the building and reviewed security camera footage for evidence of a person placing an explosive device nearby. No suspicious activity or device was found.

A second call came in to UTPD on April 12 from someone they believed to be the same person who made the first call. During this conversation the caller said he was going to shoot the dispatcher and told the dispatcher to perform sexually explicit acts.

On April 13, UTPD received a call from The University of Texas at Austin Human Resource Service Center. A supervisor told police a male called and said he wanted to shoot “at least 200 people” at the university. While officers were en route to the UT HR Service Center, the male said he would shoot the first person he sees. A UTPD officer took over the call and the anonymous caller again said he would “kill the first person he sees.” 

Investigators contacted phone and internet service providers and determined the calls were coming from Haddon in Crosby. Because he was not in the area detectives determined the suspect did not pose an immediate threat to campus. In each case, police investigated immediately and determined there was no active threat that would have prompted a campus wide communications.

Haddon is booked at the Harris County Jail.