AUSTIN, Texas -- Home surveillance system sales have been on the rise in the last two years.

Local installers anticipate they'll be even busier after the string of bombings in Austin.

A system like Ring or Nest would run you between $200 and $500 and installation can often cost $200 as well. But veteran officer John Curnutt said the systems are worth it. They can monitor your front porch and you can access the footage on your smart phone.

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Curnutt said in the wake of the Austin bombings, he'd love to see more folks install a home system.

"With the technology advances that we've seen, they're very affordable and capable, very convenient interaction, so you get that instant feedback and interaction. But the other thing we would advocate, the next best home defense system, is knowing your neighbors and looking out for each other,” said John Curnutt, ALERRT Program Assistant Director.

Curnutt said that if people do have, or plan to have, a home surveillance system, that's information people wouldn't want to advertise or disclose.