SAN MARCOS, Texas - A historic World War II plane made its way home to San Marcos Tuesday Afternoon. The plane led hundreds of aircraft during D-Day.

If you stop by the Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing, you'll likely find a few rare WWII planes.

"It's one of only two flying versions of it anymore," said Andy Maag, showing a plane in the CAF hangar at San Marcos Regional Airport.

The CAF dedicates its time to telling history, as well as preserving it through buying and restoring military aircraft to original condition.

"This is mocked up to look exactly like the plane that's coming this way," said Maag.

Four years ago, the CAF found out about a rare WWII plane in Wisconsin that was withering away. The organization bought the plane and began restoring it two years ago.

"We raised an enormous amount of money to restore that plane back to flying condition, so the plane you are going to see flying here today, it's not done," said Maag.

Flying in from Dallas, the C-47 that led more than 800 planes during the invasion of Normandy on D-Day found its new home in San Marcos.

"This plane is not that different from 74 years ago when those young men were jumping out," said Joe Enzminger, who is helping with the restoration process.

Mechanically, it's fully restored, but the outside as well as the inside will be completely re-done--from the the paratrooper seats to the rushed paint job, even the dog that was on the plane on D-Day.

"They took the flack jackets and they piled them up just behind the pilot and the dog sat with them and rode with them, all the way in and all the way back," said Thomas McDermott.

This project has already cost millions of dollars and likely will cost millions more, but the CAF says restoring history is priceless.

You can visit the plane at the CAF Hangar at the San Marcos Airport.

The goal is to have the plane completely restored by next year. It will be flown to Normady, France, for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.