SAN ANTONIO - To some, helping pets in need mixed with online shopping sounds too good to be true - but it's not anymore.

Mindy Arndt has always been a big dog lover and rescue advocate, but it wasn't until recently that she discovered she could combine that with another passion - online retail.

"On the other side I was selling clothes on another platform and they were taking a huge cut of my sale, and I researched and I thought, 'are they doing any good with that' and they weren't," Arndt said.

That's when she got the idea behind The Clawset - an online store selling pre-owned and new clothing at an affordable price.

"We don't want anything that has a lot of pilling or has holes. Pretty much we don't want things that you wouldn't let your best friend wear," Arndt said.

For the past seven months, thousands of pieces have been pouring in.

Twenty percent of the sale from each item goes to local rescues.

There's a wide range of styles and price points to pick from.

"This would be for over a thousand dollars. This is new with tags on it," said Arndt as she held up a Missoni cardigan and tank-top.

If you want to donate to The Clawset, you want to make sure your item at least had a retail value of $40. That way it covers both operational costs and you can know you're helping as many pets as possible. This transparency is something Arndt says she's very passionate about when it comes to her customers.

We asked the Better Business Bureau to check it out. They found the website is secure.

"The website for this particular organization has an FAQ page that goes into pretty good depth. So those are the types of details we're looking for when we are supporting somebody that gives back," said San Antonio BBB Regional Director Miguel Segura.

It also presents straightforward methods for payment.

"As an added protection, we always recommend to pay with a credit card," Segura said.

As The Clawset grows, Arndt hopes it doesn't only spread her business but a message to help.

"As we grow, there will be an option when they check out to select the rescue which they want the portion of their proceeds to go to," she said.